Not to miss one should naturally a trip in close (16 km) convenient Rostock, the city Mecklenburg Vorpommerns largest with approximately 200,000 inhabitants. To the Warnow old Hanseatic city lain is admits by shipbuilding, the transatlantic harbor with the ferries after Scandinavien - see Timetable, the cruise port (among other things there the AIDA fleet resides), Approaches of the cruise ships and those Brick gothic.

Rostock can one best with a varied stroll over the Kröpeliner road (main purchase boulevard) to explore, which begins one of before times seven town-gates with the gate of the same name (in it an exhibition is for city attachment).
The number of seven plays a large role in the rust ocher townscape. Thus there are among other things seven towers standing on the city hall and seven towers of the Gothic pc. Marien church (admits for the astronomical clock) from that 13. Century. This is been because of the end of the Kröpeliner road at the new market. On half way, at the university place, that is to be admired main building of the old rust ochers university (based in the year 1419 and thus oldest of Northern Europe).
Rostock Universität

Laterally of it is the monastery " To the holy Cross" with culturalhistorical museum. From the new market one recognizes that former main gate of the city attachment (stone gate), besides the Neo-Gothic condition house follows.

Rostock Steintor Ständehaus

Who itself for more historically interesting occurences of Rostock and well-known personalities, which are brought with the city in connection (e.g. Tycho Brahe, boiling stone, Blücher) interested, that are the visit of the city museum or the sides of the legend museum recommended. A tour are worth also the eastern old part of town with the St. Peter's Church and community centres from the Hans time as well as the northern old part of town, over which one arrives at the city port. Rostock has to offer naturally also many cultural meetings. Here e.g. are those Warnemünder Week (Sail competitions) At the beginning of July and the well-known Hanse-Sail to call as the largest maritime meeting in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in August. Impressionen of the Hanse Sail ... Also in the winter time a visit of Rostock with largest north Germans the Christmas market in November/December and large /New Year's fireworks/ in the city port is worth and river warn-flows. For families naturally the rust ochers zoo is in the Barnstorfer forest also worth a visit over 300 animal species always. In the popular quarter warn-flow to reach (delta of the Warnow into the Baltic Sea), to the local recreation area of the rust ochers (well with the rapid-transit railway from Rostock to), are beside the far sand beach above all the long west mole, the Teepott, the lighthouse with long promenade and the old person river as strolling mile worth seeing. The local part possesses some more from the old fishing village flair. From the mole one can see then well the large ships in and running out and have the view into the distance curved . Warnemünde...

Beautiful daily trips lead westward the old Hanseatic cities Wismar and Luebeck as well as eastward the landscape protection area of the peninsula Darß. Hanseatic cities...

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