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Not only the Baltic cycling holiday you can relax actively - the bracing climate of the Baltic Sea to the Baltic Sea, you can also use good-nature vacation. Thus the environment can be in many seasons, for example through a Baltic Sea beach walk between Heiligendamm and Kuehlungsborn explore. The way back from Kuehlungsborn to Bad Doberan / Heiligendamm is of course also with the steamy narrow-gauge Molli to cope. " In hot weather a dip in the Baltic Sea provides the necessary cooling and refreshment.

  Force of nature you can also while hiking or Nordic-Walking on the well-developed hiking trails through salt marshes, create beautiful beech and coastal forests and along the avenues. Many of the Cistercian monks of Bad Doberan Minster already naturally regulated streams run through the area.

  Natururlaub im Park von Heiligendamm Rund um Bad Doberan.  

On the belonging to the nearby Heiligendamm Vorder Bollhagen naturgerechte farming. There is a nice stud. It is specialized in the breeding Holsteiner jumping horses and is located in a beautiful glacial landscape. There will also find the sport of horse racing horse racing track on the Baltic Sea food and accommodation. The landscape is unspoilt and there was varied - from plain to hilly.

  wunderschöne Landschaft  
  Herrliche Alleen fazinierende Natur  

On the Baltic Sea itself, of course, also offer many water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, swimming and diving in the nearby Baltic Sea baths.
Golf lovers will on the golf courses in Wittenbeck and the coastal resort of Warnemünde at their expense. In Petry-disciples is fishing from a sandy beach, the piers or on the fishing boat from Rostock-Warnemünde (sea fishing) is very popular.
In the evening you can let the best finish on the beach and then see the red-hot in the summer sun in different variations in the Baltic Sea "immersion".

  tiefstehende Sonne am Strand von Heiligendamm Ein Sonnenuntergang am Strand von Heiligendamm  

Of course, Baltic House at the Linden Avenue Bad Doberan!

  Die Mammutbaumallee in der Ostsee-Pension An der Lindenallee  
Sequoia Avenue Baltic Pension An der Linden Avenue
Leuchtturm an der Ostsee

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