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Steel – and Mud bath

In the modern era accommodate the inhabitants of the spa town of Bad Doberan (1921 the city the title of "Bad" is awarded) with his on the Baltic Sea lying district Heiligendamm now for nearly 200 years, guests to the spa (mud applications and treatment of skin and respiratory diseases), arrive for hiking and recreation on the Baltic coast, to play and have fun. His reputation as a spa town owes Doberan the old steel bath, which takes its name from the nearby steel springing source (1820 has discovered iron water source), today the building with a significant, magnificent portico is no longer in use. It was built in a new Mud bath for cures. An immense bloom of the town of Bad Doberan, after Duke Friedrich Franz I of Mecklenburg brought the city to his summer residence. 1793 at the behest of the Duke, the first German seaside resort of Heiligendammwas founded with a classic resort architecture, soon followed by a casino and in 1822 the first horse racing track on the European mainland.

Lime tree avenue Bad Doberan - Heiligendamm

Lindenallee Bad Doberan

In 1854, the most beautiful, long nearly 6 kilometers (and thus longest and oldest) avenue of lime trees in Germany (natural monument) planted on what drove the bathers have the time with the coach from Bad Doberan along the tradition of racing to swimming to Heiligendamm. Meanwhile, the trees are so large that it is believed to pass through a lime vault.



With the narrow guage railway Molli from Bad Doberan to the baths resort architecture in Heiligendamm


After only four weeks of construction time - the steam-powered 900-mm narrow-gauge railway "Molli" (cultural monument) taken between Bad Doberan and his later unincorporated hamlet of Heiligendamm for the transport visitors to bathing in operation than the beach tourism grew, eventually 1886. The historic narrow guage "Molli" evaporated even now, through the narrow "Molli Street" (the main shopping and strolling mile), bringing the bathers puffing along the avenue of lime trees, past the Baltic-Guesthouse and the Baltic race car to Germany's oldest seaside resort of Heiligendamm, the White City (villas built in Stile of classicism) on the Baltic sea. It continues through meadows, forests and fields in the biggest German Baltic Sea resort - Kühlungsborn. Molli a trip to the Baltic Sea, belongs of course to Baltic holidays - for large and small children.

Bad Doberan - a jewel in the crown of Mecklenburg

holds not only for holidaymakers something to end, but historical, cultural and architectural interest to visitors to come alongside brick Gothic continue at your expense. So comes from the early 19th Century many neo-classical monuments of Carl Theodor Severin.
They are also in the seaside Resort of Heiligendamm an ensemble, that admirable in its unity professionals and amateurs alike. Center of the neoclassical building of the town of Bad Doberan ist the Kamp, a city park in English style, surrounded by the former homes of the Dukes of Mecklenburg (Salon buildings, palaces, rooming house, etc.) at the time as a summer residence was still Doberan. In it are the only chinoiserie Mecklenburg. The large pavilion or on the benches, you can relax in the city of gastronomic discovery or refresh yourself after a guided tour and hear the occasional summer street festivals or concerts.

kleiner Pavillon   großer Pavillon

In the small pavilion you can see art works by local and foreign artists. On the north side of Kamps is the Bad Doberan tourism information and cinema, which provides for amusement also on bad weather days.

In der Stadtparkanlage Kamp, mitten in Bad Doberan, laden der große
und der kleine Pavillion, sowie die herrliche Grünanlage
zum Verweilen oder zu einem Besuch ein.
Stadtparkanlage Kamp - Mitten in Bad Doberan

Bad Doberan is, as you can see, a beautiful destination for your next Vacation in Germany.

Culture Bad Doberan - Baltic Sea Coast

If you want to Increase its culture in the Baltic Sea holidays dose further, the recommended the Ehm Welk House. A small piece of board from the Baltic Boardinghouse, just the mansions farther along causeway road, lived in the period 1950 - 1966 the writer Ehm Welk (including Pagans from Kummerow, The Righteous by Kummerow, The life clock of Gottlieb Grambauer). His house is worth a visit: it is used by Ehm Welk's request, as well as cultural meeting place for lectures and exhibitions. All this and much remains in the Baltic Sea, it Doberaner country with its numerous tourist attractions in an interesting and diversified cultural holiday by the Baltic Boardinghouse "on the avenue of lime trees" Bad Doberan explore.

Who are the things in Bad Doberan times from a different perspective (not only virtually on the PC) on site and would like to take other cultural experiences during your visit to the Baltic coast, HEER is the event highlights or just once more on the following pages the area of Bad Doberan - Heiligendamm on the Baltic sea, inform.



from DoberanAm Strand an der Ostseeküste
to the Baltic Beach
Leuchtturm an der Ostsee

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